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“If you are what you should be you will set the world on fire.”

–St. Catherine of Siena.


Begin:     Light Candle

Prayer:   My lord Jesus I light this candle for the intention(s) of (prayer intention) that the light from this candle may warm my heart as if it were the light from Your most merciful heart.  Help me to trust fully in Your love that my love may become perfect and unfailing, to be a light for others, and to become all that You wish me to be.  I give my heart to Yours and Your mother’s most immaculate heart this very moment and pray for my intention.  That You will look upon this need which I so yearn to take to You and leave in Your hands.  Please hear my prayer and grant it if it be Your most holy will. Amen.













Amen:    Blow out candle.

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