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Art tells a story, 

and is made possible by the

first Artist, 

our Eternal Artisan who made

all things good and beautiful. 


Haley Weisenburger



Hand Made in

We are so glad you are here! 

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Eternal Artisan Co is a husband and wife owned and run business that creates beautiful artwork of many forms and other devotional aids that foster a love for Our Lord and His Mother. Storytelling through images has always been deeply rooted in the traditions of the Catholic church as a way to show salvation history.  It is our mission to share these stories and inspire all Catholics to be a witness of faith within our own family and with others. We believe that having our homes adorned with paintings of Jesus, Mary and the Saints we love,  wearing a bag with our lady or wrapping our little ones in a blanket of angels, can all be ways to witness our faith and surround ourselves with reminders of what is most important!  

John Paul II is one of the biggest inspirations at the beginning of my faith journey and his words continue to push me to work and to "be not afraid".

Thanks for stopping by!

- The Weisenburgers

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