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Taking the Pledge to Pray for Life

Taking the Pledge to Pray for Life


Please note that there is a waiting list at this time to receive these rosaries as they are made solely by volunteers.  After you request a rosary we will send you an email with a time estimate as to when you will receive them.  Rosary beads are all wooden but vary in color and wood type depending upon availability,


To take the Pledge to pray for Life and obtain a 40 day rosary pledge card and free Pray-for-Life Rosary, add a "Taking the Pledge to Pray for Life" item to your cart and proceed through the checkout process.  When you obtain these through our online store, credit card information and a charge of 1.00 is applied for verification purposes only.  Alternately, please send us an email at with the subject line "Taking the Pledge to Pray for Life."  Indicate that you would like to take the Pray-for-Life Rosary Pledge and include your name, phone number, email, and shipping address.  We will send you a pledge card and Pray-for-Life Rosary in the mail at no charge to you.  We simply ask that you sign the pledge card and promise our Blessed Mother Mary (and another good friend if you have one) that you will say the rosary every day for 40 days for the unborn babies in America and that you will renew this pledge yearly. 


If you already say the rosary every day, we recommend that you take the pledge and add another rosary to your prayer life for 40 days dedicated specially to the cause of the unborn babies in America.  When asked how many rosaries he had said on a particular day, Saint Padre Pio once respond that he had prayed 34 rosaries that day.  So, those who already pray the rosary daily can be inspired and encouraged by this wonderful saint to add to their prayer just one additional rosary dedicated specially to the cause of the unborn babies in America.  Alternately, we recommend that you consider adding the seven sorrows of Mary to your prayer, which is a beautiful way for regular rosary prayer warriors to mediate on other aspects of Mary's life and build an even stronger relationship with her to end the scourage of abortion in our nation.  We will have Pray-for-Life Sorrows Rosaries comming soon!


We accept donations through the Pray-for-Life Rosary Donation button in our online store, but donations are not required nor recommended.  To save our children in America, we just need people to take the pledge and pray the rosary every day for the unborn babies.  Nevertheless, if you are interested in donating to keep this work going, donations are used 100% to purchase rosary materials, which are then hand made by people volunteering their time.  If you would like to volunteer to make rosaries please email us at with the subject line Pray-for-Life Rosary Volunteer.  Provide your name, phone number, email address, and street address, and we will contact you regarding how you can help with making the rosaries.  Volunteers are first taught how to make the rosaries (if needed) and are then supplied with the materials to make rosaries at no cost.  Volunteers can then make the rosaries at their convenience in their homes and return the rosaries to us after they are complete.   Together we can save the lives of unborn babies in America through fervent prayer to our Blesed Mother Mary and through entering into a deeper relationship with her through meditating on the mysteries of the rosary.  So, let us all pray for the protection of unborn babies in America and may God Bless all of our children especially the unborn!  

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